To exist as a theatre of color is an act of resistance.

We use the power of art to demand that our communities are seen and heard. Our art cannot exist in a silo. Our demands for narrative change are inherently politicized. Therefore, our efforts to provide voice demand that we engage in collective learning, community building, value sharing, and mobilization. We sit on the intersections of art and activism. This week’s events illuminate systemic racism and white supremacy so clearly that the world can no longer repudiate what communities of color have known for centuries. We acknowledge the pain and trauma inflicted on the black community by this week’s events, the events prior to these, and the daily reminders, microaggressions, and threats people of color must endure. Our work, as individuals and as companies, will and must speak truth to power. We demand an end to the violence against black and brown bodies. We feel the pain of these communities because we are from these communities and this is why we serve. We served yesterday, we serve today, and we will serve tomorrow.

“Artists have the capacity to have a more dominant role in shaping social thought. You’ve got the platform to say something, say something worthwhile, say something that helps the social condition.”
— Harry Belafonte

CO-LAB Series

CO-LAB IN THE CITY is envisioned as a series of multi-disciplinary events designed to dissolve the barrier between performers and audiences in neighborhoods across Dallas. CO-LAB stands for Community Laboratory and invites collaboration between audiences and artists.