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XXI International Theater Festival

A World-class theater festival will take place during 3 weeks in Dallas. Teatro Dallas’ own International Theater Festival arrives in its XXI edition.


February 10th

México – Group: Corazón Compañía Creativa

PERSONA – Inspired by the film by Ingmar Bergman, directed by Guttenberg Brito


PERSONA is the story of Elisabet, a renowned actress who suddenly decides to fall silent while portraying Electra. She retreats to a beach house in the company of Alma, her nurse. Through their daily interactions, the emotional relationship between the two women fluctuates between assistance, hostility, and sexual tension.

The silence of one woman is the silence of all women. PERSONA invites women not to remain silent and to raise their voices. Selected audience members will take the stage and enjoy tea and a photo exhibition. Music is present throughout as a voice yearning to be heard.

Ages 18+


February 17th

Argentina – Grupo: Rey Marcialli Producciones (Córdoba)

La Celestina – Written by Fernando de Rojas directed by David Picotto


In this free version of La Celestina, recreated with a Clown technique, the classic voices of the work by Fernando de Rojas pass through Lita, played by Julieta Daga, who risks death perpetually; only her hands sustain a piece of scenery that has fallen on top of her. Everything hangs by a thread, and she has little strength left, but she will laugh, cry, and enjoy until the end. La Celestina, Lita’s tragicomedy, is a scenic the clown intervention that traverses the classic text.




February 24th

Venezuela – Marathon Producciones (NYC)

Una Buena Abogada – Written by Marc Egea directed by José Luis Useche


Una Buena Abogada reveals they story of a man is in jail accused of having committed a heinous crime. A few weeks before the trial begins, the man has not managed to have a court-appointed lawyer take charge of his defense. Just when he is about to give up, he receives a visit from a good lawyer willing to defend him. This show, with award-winning performances by Zindia Pino and José Francisco Terán, received the 2022 Talia and ATI awards in New York City for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Production.

Dates & Times

February 10th, 17th, 24th

Saturdays @8:00pm


The Latino Cultural Center
2600 Live Oak St.
Dallas, TX 75204